Shimmer or Sleek?

Shimmer or Sleek?

So you’re heading for a girl’s night out and the last thing you need to do is decide on what to put on your nails. You know you definitely want black, but do you want Black Diamonds or Black Market? Are you going for a sleek sexy look where the Black Market’s High gloss would be perfect? Or do you want that little bit of extra sparkle that comes with Black Diamonds?

The struggle is real. But thankfully we here at Opallac have come up with the perfect solution…Have both! We have created a simple yet effective step by step nail art tutorial that combines both these incredible colours together!


Things you will need:

Opallac LED Lamp

Opallac 2-in-1 Shine and Soak Off Solution

Opallac Gel Base & Gel Top Coat

Opallac Black Market & Black Diamonds Gel Colour

Opallac Nail File & Buffer

Chopped up Sponge (We find that a simple dish washing sponge works wonders!)

Cotton Pads


Step One

Prep your nails – Push down your cuticles, shape and give them a wipe with our Shine & Soak Off solution, this cleans the nails and gets rid of any excess oil. Give you nails a light buff using the Opallac buffer to create a clean surface for the gel to stick to.

Step Two

Base it up! – Apply a thin layer of Opallac Gel Base Coat and cure for 90seconds.

Step Three

Make your nails as black as your soul!! – Apply 2x thin coats of the Black Market, curing for 90 seconds between each layer.

Step Four

Get your chopped up sponge and apply a generous patch of your Black Diamonds & Black Market onto the sponge.

Step Five

Shower me in diamonds! Pat your diamond encrusted sponge lightly onto your nails checking each pat so you get the desired effect.

Step Six

BEFORE you cure, remove any excess gel that has got onto your skin with a tissue then cure for 90 seconds.

Step Seven

Apply your Opallac Gel Top Coat, cure for 90 seconds and use a cotton pad that’s been saturated with Opallac 2-in-1 Soak & Shine solution to rub off the tacky layer off each nail.

You are done! So Grab your coat, grab your shoes and remember, she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.

For this weekend only 26/08/2016 – 28/08/2016 get is 40% OFF both the gorgeous colours! And remember, share your designs using #Opallac and you’ll be in with a chance to win $10 off your next purchase!

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  • Betty

    Hi, what can I use instead of your 2 and 1 shine? I have bought your product in Australia and on line but unable to buy your 2 and 1 shine on line or her in NZ ……thanks

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