10 -Free Gel Nail Polish

10 -Free Gel Nail Polish

Thank the Nail Gods, Opallac 10-Free Gel Nail Polish Has Arrived!

10-Free nail polish is potentially the most exciting development of 2019 for the Australian nail industry, yet Opallac is one of the few Australian nail brands that are fully on board with this safer, healthier way of creating nail polish.

Let’s look at why 10 Free should be on the tip of your tongue … as well as your nails!


 What does 10-Free nail polish mean?

The number refers to the number of toxic chemicals that are NOT in the nail polish. So, in the case of Opallac Gel Polish, the gel polish formulation is free of 10 harsh chemicals. What’s crazy though, is many brands are starting to introduce 3 Free, 5 Free and even 8 Free of the top chemicals, but 10 Free nail polish seems to be just out of reach for so many brands on the market.

Seriously, why even bother with 5 Free or 8 Free when you can eradicate 10 harsh chemicals from your nail polish formulation and make it the best choice possible? If you’re going to try and make a difference, we think you should really make a difference!


The 10 harsh chemicals in nail polish to avoid

The quantity and toxicity of chemicals varies across nail polish brands, but Opallac has devised a healthier formula without the need for harsh toxins and that doesn’t harm you or the environment, but still remains glossy AF!

Here’s the 10 chemicals you won’t find in Opallac Gel Polish. If you’re using another brand, we encourage you to check their label to be informed – and if they’re not up to par, switch to Opallac’s 10 Free gel nail polish stat!


Potentially the most recognisable ingredient on the list, formaldehyde was made famous as an embalming fluid (we’re not even kidding). It is a known carcinogen that can cause serious damage to organs and the immune system. Continuous inhalation has proven to lead to asthma and some countries have even outlawed its use.


A highly dangerous substance found in tar that hurts the nervous and immune systems. It has a strong smell not unlike paint thinners which impacts breathing and often incites nausea. Pregnant women are advised to stay clear.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

DBP gives nail polish added flexibility but it has been linked to causing cancer in laboratory testing. Some brands were forced to remove it from their products in the US.


This isn’t a toxin as such but it does cause irritability. The odour you smell when you open your nail polish bottle is often this ingredient but worse, camphor has been associated with liver damage and nausea, vomiting, seizures, and hallucinations when ingested.

Formaldehyde resin

Although not as dangerous as formaldehyde itself, the resin is a known allergen, most likely to be responsible for any experienced itchiness and watery, burning eyes.


Another known allergen and potential carcinogen that causes nausea, headaches and dizziness.


Found widely in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, parabens may not be as harmful or as toxic as other ingredients on the list, but the side effects and links to cancer are still documented. Why risk it?

Ethyl Tosylamide

Ethyl Tosylamide is another chemical used in many nail polishes to give it added flex. It’s actually a mixture of toluene bound to another chemical called ethanesulfonamide – suffice to say, we’ve kept it out of our formulation!


Acetone is a powerful solvent that – yes – removes nail polish, but it is super harsh and drying on your nail and cuticles. When there’s less intense but equally as effective solvents out there, why bother?

Animal ingredients

High end nail polish and cosmetic brands regularly include animal by-products such as fish scales, oyster shells and insect resin in their formulas for shimmer and colour. This may not be toxic but is certainly an ingredient that most people would say leave out if you can!


At Opallac, we want you to be proud to show off your gel nails, because we sure are! We are constantly innovating and choosing our ingredients to deliver top quality results without causing harm to you, your nails, or the world around us. Check out some of our amazing 10 Free gel polish shades here (no fish scales in sight!)

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  • I have always wanted the store nails like my friends but was not willing to spend the monthly $, my painted nails always needed doing weekly. Now I have found Opallac. It’s brilliant, it’s easy, it lasts, and today I read it’s 10 free…. I’m a fan for life…..thanks for such a great product….


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