Opallac Gel Polish | How it works

Opallac Gel Polish is a light-based curing polish. The revolutionary Opallac LED light cures the gel polish instantly for fabulous, glossy nails that last up to 14 days. Simply follow the below step-by-step instructions for the best result.



IMPORTANT: If nail surface has come into contact with any substance (oil, cream etc) after step 3, wash hands/feet again to ensure nail surface is completely clean.

Opallac Application

Before starting, ensure the nail surface is completely clean & free of any oils, creams or chemicals.

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    Opallac Gel Polish is a proudly Australian brand created for women who love easy to do salon-style gel mani’s at-home. The Opallac Gel Polish range is stocked in selected Priceline stores across Australia

    Opallac is a Gel based nail polish, designed to last for up to 14 days.

    • No Chips
    • No Dry Time
    • No Smudges

    The secret is in the revolutionary LED Curing Lamp, with fast 60 second curing. Our Opallac Starter kit is designed for women who love salon-style treatments (such as Shellac). It’s the perfect DIY kit, which includes everything you need to achieve a salon gel mani at-home.

    Women can now save time & money with the convenience of their very own salon in a box- with 45 gorgeous gel colours in the range.