Gel VS Shellac

Gel VS Shellac

Shellac vs Gel polish - the difference between gel and Shellac polish and what gives you more bang for your buck

Colours aren’t the only thing to think about when it comes to choosing the best nail polish for your nails. Do you know the difference between Gel and Shellac nail polish? If you want a nail polish that allows your natural nails to breathe a little lighter under the polish, and one that gives you the freedom to save money by getting a salon look from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll need to know if its Shellac or Gel that offers all this!

[H2] What is the difference between Gel and Shellac polish?

Shellac and Gel polish are in fact the same thing, so don’t stress too much if you’ve ordered one and your girlfriend has ordered the other! Shellac, just like Opallac, is a brand of gel polish, and both Shellac and Opallac set the Gel Polish using a curing process with light.

They say the devil is in the detail though so here’s where things start to change….

While Shellac uses UV light to cure polish, Opallac Gel uses the safest curing option, LED light, to help set or “cure” the Gel Polish to help your new manicure last longer. In a few short 90 second bursts of curing, Opallac will get you off to your first date or that engagement party faster than traditional air-drying!

The other difference?

Only one of these gives you back your TIME! We’ve all looked at our nails just minutes before leaving for an interview, meeting, date or party and realised our nails are desperately due for a touch up (or let’s face it, sometimes it’s a complete overhaul)! Unlike Shellac, which you can only get in nail salons, Opallac Gel is the best DIY option, which means you can get a salon-worthy Gel mani at home.Anyone can use Opallac Gel Polish!

With more than 50 gorgeous gel colours to choose from, Opallac Gel Polish will change your at-home mani game forever.


Shellac Vs Gel polish for nail care

Nail care and breathability

How healthy are your nails?

If they need a little bit of TLC, then gel is definitely for you. Shellac usually needs a strong nail to adhere to and withstand the harsher UV light, whereas everyday gel polish application provides more breathability for the natural nail with a safer LED light, making it the better gel polish option for those with weak nails.


Shellac is generally chip resistant, however due to its chemical makeup, it is thick enough to peel off the nail. Some people can’t refuse peeling back the layers towards the end of the manicure’s lifestyle, but this can damage the top layer of your natural nails.

While Gel polish can take longer to remove, it can be less damaging to the nail bed because of the thinner layer of polish that is adhered to the surface. To make the removal super simple, we recommend using the convenient removal wraps.


Shellac vs Gel polish – the verdict

Essentially, either option will add some personality to your nails, however Gel nail polish offers more colours, safer curing, greater breathability and best of all, with Opallac’s at-home LED lamp, you can create your own Gel polish nails in next to no time!

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. If Chloe Morello loves Opallac Gel Polish, then we think you will too!

Ready to make everyone jelly over your gel polish? You’ll find Opallac Gel Polish in Priceline or save yourself the trip and grab it right here.


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