LED UV Gel Polish vs No Light/Airdry “Gel Polish”

LED UV Gel Polish vs No Light/Airdry “Gel Polish”

So, ladies. Who else has seen no-light’/air dry ‘gel polish’ around? What are these no light gels? Do they work? Do they last longer? Read on to find out!

What are they?

No-light “gel polish” is something that have been around for a little while now such as Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & Revlon Gel Envy. Promising a salon quality gel manicure that lasts longer than conventional polish and is AIR DRIED and not set with an LED or UV Lamp. Technically though, it’s still a normal nail polish, just a thicker consistency than what you are used to.

Opallac gel polish is a proper GEL Polish – it’s the real deal! Just like other brands such as Shellac and Gelish. Opallac gel polish has a similar formula to quality salon brands and is applied in the exact same way using a LED or UV Lamp to cure and set the gel polish – this is the best way to tell if you’re getting the ‘real deal’ gel mani or not; if you have to cure the polish, this means it’s a gel polish.

How do they work?

No-light gel polish is applied the exact same way your usual lacquer based polish is. Generally, not requiring a Base coat, just two layers of colour and then finish off with a special top coat. The one thing you need to bear in mind, is that each layer you put on has to be COMPLETELY air dried before applying the next.  Now let’s get real, how long does it take for normal nail polish to be completely dry? Honestly, up to half an hour if not more. But you must remember, this is the special “Gel Polish” and has a thicker formula. So ultimately, it will take much longer to dry. All up, you are looking at about 1 hour and 30 mins, to get that fully dried salon looking manicure. If you do manage to achieve that perfect manicure with no smudges or sheet creases, we have found that a lot of these No light “Gels” only last roughly 3-5 days before they start to chip.

Now, Opallac on the other hand cures instantly using the Opallac LED Lamp, this means NO Dry time, no sheet creases & no smudges. You apply your Opallac Gel Polish to clean buffed nails by first applying gel base coat, then two layers of your desired gel colour, followed by our gel top coat. Between each layer and after applying the gel top coat, you cure your nails for 90 seconds under the Opallac LED UV Lamp and just like that you’re done!

There is absolutely no waiting for 30-35min for the Gel Polish to dry, and 100% Guarantee of no marks or smudges once you have finished applying your gel manicure. The best part? Your Opallac DIY Gel Mani can be applied at home in under 10 mins! And the icing on the cake? Your Opallac gel mani lasts for 2 weeks sometimes ever 3 weeks once you nail the application.


5 Quick Ways to check if it’s the ‘Real Deal’ gel polish


Gel polish MUST be cured with a LED or UV Lamp

You CANNOT airdry a true Gel polish

Gel polish ALWAYS requires a gel base & gel top coat

Gel polish has to be ‘soaked’ OFF – you can't remove it with ordinary nail polish remover

A gel mani will LAST much longer than nail polish


So, there you have it ladies. Don’t be fooled by the fake gel polishes claiming to give you the salon gel mani you’re after. 

If you’re looking for the best DIY Gel Polish on the market that is Salon quality, a manicure that you can do in the comfort of your own home and most importantly a gel manicure that will last up to 14 days. Then Opallac is for you. It’s easy, fuss free & is an ACTUAL GEL POLISH for the DIY lover!

You can find Opallac Gel Polish a select Priceline stores across Australia or online.

Scared to take the next step with gel polish? Take a look at our online tutorial and see for yourself how easy it is to apply yourself at-home! Click the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgHob_pRwrk




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