Nail Art Without Equipment

Nail Art Without Equipment

Nail Art Without Equipment

Do you love the idea of trying nail art but don’t have the required tools? Does it all look a bit too difficult? Fear no more, below are our favourite nail art looks that don’t require any tools or special training!

Abstract Tips

Image look
@maniwithsami using our Neon Gel Palette
We absolutely adore this look! It is an understated and fun look with a special twist on traditional nail tips. All you need is your gel colour or selection of colours and the brush that comes with the bottle! Oh, and a somewhat steady hand!

Feature Nails

Image look
@zuzanna.gx using Plush from our Allure Gel Palette
Nothing glams up a mani quite like a feature nail, whether you’re doing a single feature tip, or a simply a different colour, this is the easiest way to spice up your manicure without needing any extra equipment!

Matte Top Coat

Image look
Granite from our Dark gel Palette + Matte Top Coat/ Shiny Top Coat
Using a Matte Top Coat can really mix up the look of your manicures! Get a luxurious velvet looking mani – the best part if that it slightly changes the hues of your favourite colours!

Multi-Coloured Mani

Image look
@maniwithsami using our Allure Gel Palette
We all know that here at Opallac we live for multi-coloured manicures! We absolutely love seeing different colours complemented by others. We make this easy with our Gel Palettes, as all colours are designed to complement, we have taken out the stress of picking which colours to put together!


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