Preventing Gluggy Gel Polish

Preventing Gluggy Gel Polish
Do you find that your gel bottles are going gluggy, even just shortly after buying them? Don’t stress, we have the answers you have been searching for! There are three main reasons this may be happening, continue reading to find out what they are!

Leaving your bottles in front of your LED lamp whilst it’s on

We know, it’s so easy to do! You leave your lamp on whilst you’re applying your coats of gel polish, and instead of putting them behind your lamp you just pop them down in front. Although it may seem convenient, your gel polish is slightly curing inside the bottle! This is what creates a gluggy consistency, making it difficult to apply your gel manicure perfectly!
Our tip – if you prefer to paint your nails in front of your lamp, ensure that you turn it off whilst your bottles are in front of your lamp. Ensure that you place your bottles behind your lamp each time you turn it back on!

 Doing your nails in front of your LED lamp whist it’s on

Whilst it may seem more convenient to leave your lamp on whilst doing your nails, this can ruin your mani and your gel polish bottles! As your light is shining out beyond the inside of the lamp, it will slightly cure your mani and eventually make your bottles gluggy!
Our tip – we recommend turning your light off in between curing to avoid gluggy bottles!


Doing your manicures outside in direct sunlight

Sometimes you just can’t get the right lighting inside, it’s a beautiful day outside to you think “hey, I’ll do my manicure outside in the sunshine!” As much as we love to do this, we try to refrain as this is another factor that can cause gluggy gels! As with leaving your gels in front of your LED lamp whilst it’s on, leaving your gels in direct sunlight repeatedly can also cause them to cure slightly in the bottle. This then also may give them a gluggy consistency!
Our tip – we recommend sitting inside with the lights on/ near natural but slightly filtered light to ensure your gels are not impacted at all!

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