Removing Gel Polish

Removing Gel Polish
We know that when you first get started with using Gel Polish At-Home, it can be a little tricky figuring out how to do everything. Below we have a step-by-step guide on how to remove gel polish!
File down Top Coat
Filing down your top coat is an essential step to ensure the acetone is able to soften the gel polish. Using our nail file, file off the shiny coat until the surface of your gel appears matte all over.
Soak off gel polish
The next step is to soak off your gel polish using our 2 in 1 Shine and Soak Off for 5 minutes. This acetone solution is designed to soften the gel enough for it to come off without harm to the nail. Using our Remover Wraps or foil and cotton, ensure that you soak the wraps/ cotton with acetone and wrap them up airtight. Ensuring that they are airtight will help to stop the acetone from evaporating. If they are not tight, the acetone will evaporate and lengthen the soaking process.
Remove Gel from nail
Remove the gel remover wraps and gently push away the gel towards the cuticle or away to the end of the nail. They should only require gently pushing, if you find that your gel is still hard, you may need to soak a second time. Re-file the gel, re-soak, and re-wrap for another 3 minutes!
All done!
Using our buffing block, buff away any roughness and prep your nails for your next mani!

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