Non Toxic Gel Polish

Non Toxic Gel Polish

Non toxic nail gel polish for healthy nails and an even healthier environment

When you look good, you feel good, and that’s where a splash of nail colour can really brighten your day! But at Opallac, we know that feeling good is bigger than just how we look.

It’s about the impact we leave on this world.

It’s about thinking of our health.

It’s about choice.

When you can look good, feel good AND make positive environmental choices in your everyday life, there’s truly no better feeling!

That’s where Opallac Gel Polish comes in.

Your gel nail polish doesn’t need to contain nasty chemicals for it to shine brighter or last longer. Non toxic nail polish is celebrity-approved (Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek have sported nail colours free of toxins like formaldehyde and toluene!) and it will be you-approved as soon as you try it!

Just look at what you’re getting when you use non toxic gel polish… we don’t even want to think about what goes on your nails with the fully-fledged nasty chemical kinds!

Why choose non toxic gel nail polish

While the human body tolerates (and sometime craves) the addition of certain chemicals (hellloooo caffeine!), there are some chemicals that are abrasive, irritating and let’s just say, less than ideal.

Cosmetics and skincare companies are kind of notorious for introducing these harsh chemicals into their products, usually to make shine shinier, length of wear longer - and to let you in on an industry secret – often they’re used simply because they’re cheap and therefore more profitable. The problem with including harsh toxins in nail polish, is that your body can absorb the chemical through the nail bed, or you can breathe it in during application.

We’re not trying to scare you with this information – we just know that knowledge is power!

Next time you’re at a salon or shopping for gel polish, check the packaging for these big three - formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The first is a known carcinogen and the second two can be detrimental to both the nervous and endocrine systems – and we’re not even counting the impact these chemicals have on the environment when they’re used and discarded at a factory level…. the colour is fading fast isn’t it?

Where you can find the best non toxic nail polish

Opallac is proud to be one of the first major Australian brands to formulate our gel polish without any of these nasty chemicals, and we’re proud of how accessible it is! In fact, Opallac is not only non toxic, its formula is also 10-Free!

By being available online and in Priceline stores right around Australia, we make it easy to look good and feel GREAT without having to step foot in a nail salon. Have you ever walked into a salon that doesn’t wreak of the harsh chemicals we listed above??

What makes non toxic nail polish even better? Vegan non toxic gel polish!

When you use Opallac Gel Polish, you’ve climbed up several rungs on the morality and ethics ladder, because not only is your gel polish free of harsh toxins, it’s free of animal products also. This is actually a big deal because some MAJOR nail polish brands still test on animals, fund animal testing through selling in China, or incorporate fish scales, oyster shells and insect resin in their formulas.

Opallac polish, on the other hand, does not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal by-products. Our vegan nail polish produces Insta-worthy results, so given the option between two quality products, where one is environmentally conscious and the other is not, it’s a fairly simple decision. Quality and kindness win every time girls!


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  • This is great news!! I am a little bit surprised as I just assumed Opallac would be fill of toxins too and actually stopped using it whilst on a recent detox but with the care and attention Opallac are taking and with the product being animal cruelty free and that one step further being vegan, I’m really impressed. A few years ago it was really challenging to find any nail polish that is toxin free let alone a long lasting gel product and it makes me super happy that I can still feel girly without damaging my health. I will be telling all my friends about it!!

    Marika Andrews

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